Anatometal at Essential Ink“At ANATOMETAL, we believe in a quality product that will withstand the test of time. Extreme care is put into each piece of jewelry throughout each stage of its conception. From the use of implant grade materials to hand polishing, we take the extra effort to insure that your jewelry is flawless. We firmly believe in the superiority of internal threading, as opposed to external. The threads tucked into the shafts and the edges of all of our jewelry rounded to a smooth finish insure both safer insertion and a more comfortable, accelerated healing process. All casting of 18kt gold is done in-house to insure that the quality meets our high standards.”

BVLA Jewelry at Essential InkEstablished in 1996, Body Vision Los Angeles is the world’s leading
manufacturer of precious metal body jewelry. As you flip through these
pages, you’ll find the most beautiful and complete collection of this
jewelry yet assembled.

NeoMetal at Essential Ink
“All of our jewelry is machined from solid titanium (ASTM F136 6Al-4V ELI). Our bezel-set gems are crimp-set, no glues are used.
Our patented “snap-together” threadless system is an effective alternative to internally-threaded jewelry and is currently in wide use by many body piercers.”

LeRoi Jewelry at Essential Ink
Based in Minetto, NY, LeRoi, Inc. has become one of the leading names in the body jewelry industry since the 1990s. Having been a long-time manufacturer of custom gold jewelry, LeRoi has changed its focus to a wider variety of stainless steel, titanium, niobium, gold, glass, wood and acrylic to better suit the pierced public. In addition to manufacturing high quality standard body jewelry, LeRoi also produces custom large gauged and sized body jewelry at affordable prices. As well as producing a diverse line of jewelry in nearly limitless sizes, shapes and styles, LeRoi offers a comprehensive line of titanium and niobium colors in nearly every product they manufacturer, offering customers a vast array of body jewelry possibilities. LeRoi stresses technically superiority of their body jewelry, and gives great care and attention to detail for every product it produces. LeRoi maintains strict requirements of proper material chemical composition, biocompatibility and surface finish to ensure a combination of aesthetic elegance and comfortable usability for every piece of jewelry. LeRoi body jewelry is very reasonably priced to allow customers to have an unbelievably broad base of products at affordable for nearly any budget.

Glasswear Studios Jewelry at Essential InkGlasswear Studios strives to produce the highest quality Pyrex (aka Borosilicate or hard glass) and now Fused Quartz body jewelry on the market. All Glasswear Studios products are proudly manufactured in Southern Oregon, USA by American labor. All jewelry is 100% lead-free, Barium-Free, autoclave-able and computer kiln annealed Borosillicate (aka Pyrex) or Quartz Glass.

Highest quality body jewelry available