LukeTattoo Artist

Luke has done many different things in his life before becoming a member of the tattoo industry. After high school he joined the Marine corps where he spent the next 4 years serving his country. The years following he dabbling in various professions such as warehousing and sales, amongst some time in college working toward a business degree, Luke found himself using his artistic ability to try his hand at tattooing. Although he never pictured himself making a living from it, he was continually getting better while still pursuing other careers.

During that time, he became involved in a Rotary club of which he spent time as the club President and is still a member today. With a new-found passion for helping others he spent time travelling to countries like India, Nicaragua, and Brazil.

Eventually Luke was cast on the Discovery Channel’s TV show, Naked and Afraid. Upon returning from a successful challenge, he opened his own Tattoo shop in Temecula, CA called Executive Ink. He ran the appointment only shop as the owner, artist for 3 years before stumbling across the opportunity to buy Essential Ink in 2017. Now he enjoys keeping the extraordinary reputation alive that Midori and Edward had created for the shop before him.